Boys Under 15 Premier Tier

1Alliance FC A 2004BP1210203232932
2Waterloo 2004BP1163223101321
3Cambridge 2004BP9216922-137
4Windsor 2004BP100010433-290

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1Howard THOMPSONAlliance FC A 2004BP9
2Brendan GROSSOWaterloo 2004BP6
3Adam CEKANCambridge 2004BP5
4Ibrahem SAADIAlliance FC A 2004BP5
5Michael COSTAAlliance FC A 2004BP5
6Zachary D'ALESSANDROAlliance FC A 2004BP5
7Jovan IVANISEVICAlliance FC A 2004BP4
8Mohamed AYEDWaterloo 2004BP4
9Adonis HATZISWindsor 2004BP3
10Ben KRIZWaterloo 2004BP3

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Gavin HANNAFORDAlliance FC A 2004BP10
2Abdurahman ABDEL-SAMADWaterloo 2004BP5
3Alec FRENGOSWaterloo 2004BP2

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