Under 13/14 Girls 06/07 9V9

1Byron Yellow 2006GT118141345123343
2Byron Yellow 2007GT11810173021931
3Oakridge Inferno 2007GT11853101123-1218
4Byron Green 2007GT11833121242-3012

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1Kiersten IANNIByron Yellow 2007GT115
2Lyndsay BOONByron Yellow 2006GT114
3Abbigayle JACKSONByron Yellow 2006GT18
4Lauren BRULEByron Yellow 2006GT17
5Dakota DETLORByron Green 2007GT16
6Lauren SEIDELByron Yellow 2007GT16
7Lauryn MACKEYByron Yellow 2006GT15
8Samantha FLETCHERByron Yellow 2006GT15
9Haylee MCQUEENOakridge Inferno 2007GT13
10Hope CROSSETTOakridge Inferno 2007GT13

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Caitlyn DEROUXByron Yellow 2006GT19
2Yuka MACKELLARByron Yellow 2007GT14
3Anabelle POOLEByron Yellow 2007GT13
4Avery MULLENByron Green 2007GT12
5Katelyn OSTRANDEROakridge Inferno 2007GT12
6Abbey VELESTUKByron Green 2007GT11
7Hope CROSSETTOakridge Inferno 2007GT11
8Kayla LUOakridge Inferno 2007GT11

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