Under 17/18 Girls 02/03 9V9

1Byron Yellow 2003GT11815304224048
2St Thomas Reds 2002GT11812241871138
3Woodstock Strikers 2005GT11896328121633
4Berlin Academy 2002GT11844101723-616
5Byron Blazers Green 2003GT1183213925-1611
6Lambeth FC Chaos 2002GT1181314449-456

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1Hayley SALVADORByron Yellow 2003GT112
2Chelsea FISCHERWoodstock Strikers 2005GT18
3Ashley PHILLIPSWoodstock Strikers 2005GT17
4Petra SALINSt Thomas Reds 2002GT17
5Chiara WEINHARDTByron Yellow 2003GT16
6Hannah DEGRAWByron Yellow 2003GT16
7Sierra MAHABIRByron Yellow 2003GT16
8Ava MAKEDOSWoodstock Strikers 2005GT15
9Nyawech CHOLBerlin Academy 2002GT15
10Mackenzie BARBERByron Yellow 2003GT14

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Julliana DENNISByron Yellow 2003GT115
2Arianna LETHBRIDGESt Thomas Reds 2002GT112
3Adreana ROSA-WAYNEWoodstock Strikers 2005GT15
4Alison VAN SCHAIKBerlin Academy 2002GT15
5Paige TURNERWoodstock Strikers 2005GT13
6Aleena WOOLNERLambeth FC Chaos 2002GT11
7Ellie DEASELambeth FC Chaos 2002GT11
8Faye KNAPPByron Yellow 2003GT11
9Grace MURRAYByron Blazers Green 2003GT11
10Haley GORDONSt Thomas Reds 2002GT11
11Ryley STEWARTByron Blazers Green 2003GT11

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