Boys Under 13/14 Premier Tier

1Alliance FC 2006BP119112982128
2Alliance FC 2005BP118032581724
3Kitchener 2005BP121471217-57
4Waterloo 2006BP10037134-333

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1Everton RIGOPOLOUSAlliance FC 2005BP14
2Austin SROUJIAlliance FC 2006BP7
3Theo RIGOPOULOSAlliance FC 2006BP6
4Anthony SROUJIAlliance FC 2006BP4
5Deseron THOMASAlliance FC 2006BP4
6Malakai MILLER-PINHEIROAlliance FC 2005BP3
7Michael HUTCHISONAlliance FC 2005BP3
8Chizi OBOLIKitchener 2005BP2
9Isiah LOAGUEAlliance FC 2006BP2
10Marcandre SOLIMANAlliance FC 2005BP2

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Maksim TADICAlliance FC 2005BP8
2Emmet CHARLESAlliance FC 2006BP3
3Tyler OUDE VOSHAAR Kitchener 2005BP2
4Tyler SMITHWaterloo 2006BP2
5Ayden MANZATOAlliance FC 2006BP1
6Caleb EHLEBRACHTKitchener 2005BP1

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