Girls Under 15/16 Premier Tier

1Alliance FC 2004GP1210113663031
2Waterloo United 2003GP129122341928
3Waterloo United 2004GP125341412218
4Byron Blazers 2003GP125251910917
5Strathroy Strikers 2004GP12147429-257
6Cambridge 2004GP120111136-351

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1Annika NOLTEAlliance FC 2004GP13
2Ciara MORGANWaterloo United 2003GP7
3Georgia LOREEWaterloo United 2004GP5
4Keisha SSEMUGENYIByron Blazers 2003GP5
5Milla SAYAVONGSAWaterloo United 2003GP5
6Sabrina VELANIAlliance FC 2004GP5
7Alexandria CHUONGWaterloo United 2004GP4
8Lauren MATASSAByron Blazers 2003GP4
9Sydney VANDENBERGAlliance FC 2004GP4
10Alyssa AMARALAlliance FC 2004GP3

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Julianne DENNISByron Blazers 2003GP7
2Kaylee MCCULLOUGHAlliance FC 2004GP7
3Grace MILLERWaterloo United 2003GP6
4Marissa BOEREStrathroy Strikers 2004GP3
5Aiko PRPICWaterloo United 2004GP2
6Maya BUDOVICAlliance FC 2004GP2
7Alison CROWLEYWaterloo United 2004GP1
8Kailey SMITHCambridge 2004GP1
9Laura PEROZZOWaterloo United 2003GP1
10Natalia MENJHARTWaterloo United 2004GP1
11Rachel GODTSStrathroy Strikers 2004GP1
12Vianne MERVYNWaterloo United 2004GP1

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