Girls Under 17/18

1Stratford Strikers 2001G18143151114045
2St Thomas Hot Wheels 2002G18132358233541
3Strathroy United Lasers 2002G18112540162435
4Sarnia Spirit 2001G1853102831-318
5Lambeth FC Chaos 2002G1852112735-817
6Delkobrydge 2001G180018290-880

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1Petra SALINSt Thomas Hot Wheels 2002G19
2Payton DIASStratford Strikers 2001G14
3Fawn ADAIRStratford Strikers 2001G13
4Baylie FOURNIESarnia Spirit 2001G11
5Klara LATTANZIOSt Thomas Hot Wheels 2002G11
6Darienne PATKAUStrathroy United Lasers 2002G9
7HAILY SUESSLambeth FC Chaos 2002G8
8Zoe HERLICKStratford Strikers 2001G8
9Chloe HOUGHSt Thomas Hot Wheels 2002G7
10Grace PHIBBSStrathroy United Lasers 2002G7

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Taya FOXStratford Strikers 2001G11
2Caylin EVANSStrathroy United Lasers 2002G10
3Toria MCRAESarnia Spirit 2001G6
4Rachel BELLSt Thomas Hot Wheels 2002G3
5Arianna LETHBRIDGESt Thomas Hot Wheels 2002G2
6Haley GORDONSt Thomas Hot Wheels 2002G2
7PEYTAN CLAESSENSLambeth FC Chaos 2002G2
9KAITLYN EMBURYLambeth FC Chaos 2002G1

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