EMDSL Public Relations

EMDSL Public Relations

The EMDSL is looking for a person to help with Public Relations, with the EMDSL, and the soccer community.

The person will need

  • Strong computer skills
  • A Good understanding of social media.
  • A Cell phone or digital camera for pictures
  • Access to a computer to post pictures, update web pages, and to reply to emails
  • A vehicle to attend games, meetings and events
  • A pleasant personality to represent the EMDSL at events and games
  • Start the duties, ASAP in January


  1. To create and maintain a referee, coach, parent rule page which will identify the separate rules for each division from U-8 to U-18. This must be created and approved before March 31 2018
  2. To put the pages when approved by the EMDSL Board on the web page, and put in a booklet for all referees and coaches (the EMDSL will pay for the printing)
  3. To attend, and support the EMDSL board at the indoor and outdoor Festivals and District Cups.
  4. To attend at least one soccer game per week in the outdoor season (May to August), and interact with the coaches and parents. Take pictures and post on the EMDSL social media sites. To attend at least 1 game per division for the outdoor season, and indoor seasons.
  5. To post items on the EMDSL web site at direction of the EMDSL board.
  6. To be a representative from the EMDSL with the media or special sporting events when needed
  7. To attend a general meeting and special general meetings of the EMDSL
  8. To attend the EMDSL monthly meetings when requested, a minimum of 6 per year.
  9. To report any Fairplay issues to the EMDSL board when attending games.

This nonvoting position is mainly a volunteer position working with the EMDSL board and soccer community, however the EMDSL will pay up to $1500.00 per year in 2 payments 1 at the end of April, and the other at the end of September to cover mileage, travel and other minor expenses.

If you are interested in helping youth soccer and enhancing our programs plus have the qualifications listed under duties please email the EMDSL secretary ihoremdsl@gmail.com. Please state your qualifications in the email, along with a phone number you can be contacted at between 10am, and 8pm with your soccer resume which will state, your soccer knowledge.

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