Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held November 25th 2017 at the BMO Centre London Commencing at 10 am SHARP. Please check in by 9:45 am.


Nominations are now open for the following positions

Vice-President, Secretary, U13-18 Director, Referee Director 



7.1A nominee must be nominated by an active club member , or an excising board member.

7.2 Each nomination must be: in writing, and submitted by the member. All nominations must be received no later than 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Following this date, a report of all nominations will be published, on the EMDSL web site. Nominations from the floor at the Annual General Meeting may only be made if no nomination for a specific position was made in accordance with section 7.2.

7.3 Election shall be by secret ballot, but in the event only one candidate is nominated, no vote is required and the nominated candidate shall be declared elected by acclamation. 

7.4 The person who receives the most votes in an election will be declared the winner of the position for which he/she was nominated. 


The agenda of the Annual General meeting shall include: 

a. Roll Call;

b. Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting; 

c. President’s Address; 

d. Officers' Reports; 

e. Treasurer’s Report and annual budget;

f. Auditor's Report; 

g. Appointment of Auditors;

h. Other Reports; 

i. Unfinished Business; 

j. Amendments to the Constitution & Rules and Regulations; 

k. Roll Call; 

l. Election of Officers and Directors; 

( the following positions will be elected in even numbered years: 

a. President; 

b. Treasurer; and

c. U8-U2 Director)

m. Any Other Business; and

n. Adjournment. 

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